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Naughty girl Faye once trashed ex bandmate Lee's hotel room!

Faye says she often watches the porn channel on her TV in her hotel room!

Faye is engaged to be married to Jasper Irn, her long term lover.

When Faye marries Jasper she become a Step Mum to his teenage daughter, Luna.

Faye is terrified of spiders and refuses to stay in a room if there's one in there!

Faye hates her passport photo as it shows her with long dark hair and no one ever recognises her!

Faye once went on a strange fad diet where she just ate celery for days!

Sun-worshipping Faye has benn banned from sunbathing nude on her holidays, incase the press get photos of her!

Saucy babe Faye has her nipples and her belly button pierced!

Faye's skirt once fell down on stage! Luckily she had hotpants on underneath!

Faye once started singing Better Best Forgotten with her mic turned off!

Faye is famous for her everchanging barnet! She has a new hairstyle for every STEPS video!!

Faye is the tallest STEPS girl when she wears her high hells she's as tall as Lee!

Faye is the groups makeup artist! Apparently she's a real pro and is a dab hand with the lipstick!

Whilst filming the video for One For Sorrow poor Faye got a grasshopper in her knickers!

Faye wanted to be a ballerina, but she git told that she was too tall and heavy to be one!

Faye used to be in a cabaret act called Deja Vu that did cover versions of old hits!

Faye used to be a magicians assistant on a cruise ship!

Faye says that STEPS manager was so shocked when he first saw her dreadlocks that he asked her to leave the room!

Faye admits she knows how lucky she is to be in STEPS and says she really aprreciates how priveledged she is to be doing a job that she loves!

Faye used to sing in The Hilton Hotel and she used to have wear long, sparkly evening dresses which she calla her Barbie Frocks!