Lisa Scott-Lee
Fun Facts


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  • As a youngster she stole a hamster from the zoo and kept in her dolls house!

  • Lisa collects minature drinks she gets given on the plane and keeps them in her underwear drawer at home!

  • Lisa never returns home without a bunch of flowers for her Mum and she always insists her Mum makes her fish fingers for her tea.

  • Lisa prefers The Body Shops cocoanut perfume to any expensive scents.

  • Lisa has her feet well and truly on the ground, despite all her dosh, Lisa prefers to shop at high street stores like Top Shop and we think she looks brilliant!

  • Lisa wanted Lee to be picked for STEPS because she quite fancied him!

  • Lisa wants to open a stage school in Wales with H!

  • Lisa once taught a crowd of 600 people the Tragedy dance!

  • Lisa says she's was fed up that Claire and Faye got nicer costumes than her in STEPS!

  • Lisa says she and H are like brother and sister and bonded immediately because they are both Welsh.

  • Lisa dates Johnny Shentall from pop group Hear'say

  • Lisa went to the Italia Conti stage school with Lousie Nurding and various members of the Hollyoaks cast.

  • Lisa is undoubtedly the party animal of the group!

  • Lisa says red heads have more fun!

  • Lisa's most embarrassing moment was dancing to Last Thing On My Mind and her boob tube slipped down!

  • Lisa's three younger brothers are in a band of their own called 3SL

  • Lisa grew up in Rhyl in North Wales, but moved to London when she was 17 to go to stage school.

  • Lisa says Faye is her party partner in the band.

  • Claire and Lisa are even better friends than when they first started in STEPS. They say they have really struck up a close friendship now.

  • Lisa's fiance Johnny was a dancer on STEPS' first tour, The Step One Tour 1999.

  • Lisa loves playing snooker.

  • Her fave way to relax is by colouring in.

  • Johnny propsed to Lisa on a boat on the River Thames on valentines day 2001.