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We Are Family - Smash Hits


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Lisa and the lads

We Are Familly!(Smash Hits - March 5 2002)

New boyband on the block 3Sl talk snogging and throwing up in big sister Lisas car...
WHERE HAS ALL THE POP TOTTY gone? These days, half the pop stars we know are either feuding, conquering America or getting hitched. Luckily 3SL are new on the scene and fit alll the criteria-theyre good looking, talanted and most importantly single. We hung out with them and manager/incredibly famous big sister Lisa, for the afternoon Hold youselves back girls
Whats it like working together?
Andy: Brilliant. Lisa is such a good laugh. Its great having her as our manager cos we can talk to her about everything. Its a Familly affair
Lisa: The boys would do anything for each other. And they know they can ask me anything and get an honest answer back.
Boys, did you cringe when Steps released the infamous 5,6,7,8?
Andy: No, i thought they looked fresh, young and exciting. We all really fancied Faye and Claire. But then, i fancy most of Lisas friends.
Ant: i was in thirrd year atigh School and it was dead cool. The headmaster asked me if Lisa would come and teach everyone a dance. At first, i thought Oh no! Its going to be so embarassing! Then Lisa turned up in her cowboy hatand by the end, even the teachers were getting down to it.
What is the best advice Lisa has given you?
Andy: She says Be yourself, believe in yuorself and dont forget where your from.
Lisa: If you believe in yourself and follow you dreams you can make them come true. Ive also said take everything you read with a pinch of salt.
Do you hang out at each others houses?
Steve: Yes, but Lisa makes it pretty clear if we overstay our welcome at her place. Well be chilling out and shell say Right, have you got the car wating then?
Lisa, which one of your brothers has the most annoying habits?
Lisa:  Steven! He slurps all his drinks cos he knows i cant stand it. Andys only annoying habit is - he sings all the time and Ants is girls-he falls in love very easilly.
And what sort of girls do youy fancy boys?
Andy: Any girls, really. Im a bit desprate. At the moment im really into Faith Hill- i think shes a babe and you can tell shes a nice person.
Steve: i like Tara Reid-she is beautiful. I want someone with a nice personallity, someone i can have a laugh with. They shouldnt be snotty and pretentious. And shes got to be attractive, with a nice body. Blond or Brunnette, im not bothered.
Ant: i love long hair, beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile. And i like a bubbly personality and a girl thats up for a laugh.
Not too fussy then! Do you have any chat up lines?
Steve: i like Hi, im Fred Flinstone and im here to make your bed rock.
Andy: Steves the type of guy that will go up to any girl he sees and starts chatting.
Ant: i dont believe in pick up lines. There are some awful ones out there and i dont know any girl that would fall for them.
Tell us about the most romantic thing youve ever done
Andy: i once drove about 130 miles to see a girlfriend. I just jumped in the car and got there at around midnight. Im quite spontaneous, so i like girls to be like that aswell.
Steve: i used to wite a lot of poems
Andy: So did . i will always love you, for you will always be the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. Youre my reason for living,my present my past, only you have the power, to make it all last
Ant: i havent had the chance to be romantic yet- i havent found the right girl. In fact,ive never had a proper relationship. But if i got to know the right girl i could do the  whole flowers and dinner thing.
Has Lisa ever caught you with a girlr?
Andy: Yes. She walked in on me with a gil when i was 15.
Ant : She saw me snogging in the corner at a Steps after-party in Manchester too.
Lisa: It was horrible. I was like, Oh My god, my little brother  is kissing1 i hope hes not using tounges. It really upset me. I had to turn away
Ant: i said Lisa, ive had to watch you kiss boys for years.
Steve: Lisa hasnt liked many of our girlfrineds. If youre with a girl she asks a million questions Who is she/ Where is she from?
What is the most outrageous thing youve caught each other doing?
Andy: Years ago, Lisa nicked a hamster from the zoo. We didnt know until we got in the car. We covered up for her by making noises.
Lisa: i caught Anthony being sick in my car once. My boyfriend, Johnny, tooki him out and got him so drunk. I was like Hes my baby brother, how dare you do this to him? Ant had to clean it up.
Have you had any arguments since youve been working together?
Steve: Weve had one. On the Steps Tour Lisa pulled us aside and said im giving you your first official warning. Youve been partying too hard and not getting enough sleep -  its starting to show.
Lisa: If i ever see them acting like some of the boybands ive met in my time theyll get such a tellling off sh!
The lads on Lisas favourite
girl band
Andy: Destinys Child, Atomic Kitten and All Saints. She loved them when they were togther.
Ant: Vodka and Cranberry Juice
Steve: Tuna, sweetcorn and pasta, spaghetti bolognaise and Chinese-were all big fans.
Ant:Shush bush! Meaning shut up or youve had a stinker - thats what she normally says if something goes horribly wrong.
time of the day
Andy: She love night time-Lisas a total Party Animal

Lisa on the lads favourite
Lisa: Backstereet Boys, Nsync and i think they really look up to Blue.
Lisa: They all like Thai and Andys always loved Chips. Anct likes crab sticks and seafood sauce.
Scraps - as in left over food on someones plate. Well be having dinner and someone will say, Can i have your scraps?
thing to do on a Saturday night
Lisa: Party, clubbing, and meeting girls, especially in bars in London like Pop and China White.
celebrity girl
Lisa: I hope theyd say me. Otherwise anyone thats fit - Rachel S club, Cameron Diaz, Kaci and Jenifer Lopez