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Full Name: Ian Watkins.

Nicknames: H.

Image: The sexy, blonde haired blue eyed, funny one in the band.

Date And Place Of Birth: 8/5/76, Llwynypia.

Age: 25

Starsign: Taurus.

Colour Of Eyes: Blue.

Colour Of Hair: Blond.

Family: Mum - Gaynor, Dad - Robert and little brothers Jamie and Alyn.

Pets: I have two cats Hugo and Dylan and an adopted puppy called Fllic oh and I want a tortoise!

Distinguishing Marks: Forcep marks, one onder my eye and one in my hair line.

Previous Jobs: I was a Redcoat and I did work experience in a hawking centre, working with hawks.

Fave STEPS song: Deeper Shade Of Blue.

Fave STEPS Member: Meeee! No Lisa because she's fun and she's Welsh!

Fave Dance Routine: Tragedy, 'cos everyone knows it!

First Record: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

Fave Cartoon Character: Simba from The Lion King.

Fave Movie: Roald Dahl's The Witches.

Fave Catchphrase: Are We Nearly There Yet?!

Fave Body Part: It's unprintable!

What annoys you about women: They take ages to get ready!

Cool or Geek: I wasn't really trying to be cool at school - I just did my own thing.

Most Snogs In One Night: Me and my friends used to have competitions! I think I managed six or seven when I was about 15!

Secret Ambition: I'd like to be in a stage show like Mamma Mia or Les Miserables.

What Makes You Cry: When my doggy died.

Ever Broken The Law: I've never been caught if I have!

Who Could You Have In A Showbiz Fight: Not Lee, that's for sure! He just whacks me and it hurts! I'm quite a wimp really!

What would you ban: Claire singing when she's not on stage! She sings all the time.

Idea Of Happiness: A lie in!

Greatest Fear: Anchovies scare me!

Motto: Live for today, plan for tomorrow.

What would you change about yourself: I should think before I speak.

Most Treasured Possession: A bracelet I got from my Nan who passed away and a ring from my other Nana.

If you were reincarnated what would you be: The Prime Minister so I can make up lot's of stupid rules like - everyone has to eat a bar of chocolate a day!

Celeb Crush: Martine McCutcheon, Andrea Corr, Denise Van Outen, Geri and Lisa STEPS! Haha!

Most Embarrassing Moment: My trousers fell down on stage once and then a teddy hit me on the head and knocked me over!

Weirdest Rumour About Yourself: That I was a rampant redcoat!

Contents Of Bag: My phone, my diary, my snappy camera, my house keys and my wallet.

Fave flower:
Poppies, my nan passed away recently and they were her favourite flower, so whenever I see one it reminds me of her and makes my day better.

Biggest Triumph: Going to No.1 and our debut album launch! I cried on stage!

Biggest Secret: I'm married with three kids! No not really I don't have any secrets I don't like them, with me what you see is what you get.