H & Claire
Claire's Fun Facts


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Claire and her sister Gemma both had tattoos done secretly whilst their parents where on holiday!

Claire has a terrible phobia of rats

Claire used to be a secretary and she won an award for being the best secretary in her office!

As a child Claire used to torment her babysitter by getting her friends to make nuscience phonecalls to her house.

Claire keeps a diary of her hectic life as a popstar and hopes to have it published one day

Claire admits that sometimes she gets so nervous before a live performance that she's physically sick!

Claire wishes she could live on junk food - her fave foods are burgers and pizza

Claire's most embarrassing moment was when she was in Japan chatting away tobsome record producers whilst wearing one of her trademark bikini top when the straps snapped and left Claire holding her boobs! She ran out of the room and never came back!

Claire once got caught calling H a rude name! She went off stage, but had left her mic switched on, so about 20,000 people were treated to an earful!

Claire loves make up and collects as much as possible. She reckons that her bedroom is full of so many eyeshadows and lip glosses that it looks like a branch of Boots!

Claire met her boyfriend Mark Webb when he was working as a dancer on The Next Step Arena Tour at the end of 1999, but they didn't get together until the next year.

Claire's first date with a boy was when she was 19 and she left a very lasting impression on him - he proposed to her after only knowing her for a couple of hours!