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When H was at school he lived really close so he would skive off after registration and go home to watch TV!

H studied at art college and is a qualified artist! He even designed and made some of the sets used on the Next Step Tour '99!

H always had lot's of pets as a child including cats, dogs and rabbits! But his most unusual pet was a tarantula called Boris!

Not surprisingly with his well know love of animals as a youngster H wanted to be a vet!

Lisa says that H can't keep a secret! If you tell him something everyone knows by lunchtime!

H once set fire to his parents home! He was sitting under the bed lighting candles and singing happy birthday to himself at the time!

George Michael was so impressed with H's cover of Careless Whisper that he wrote him a letter saying he thought it was even better than the original!

H was a childrens entertainer at Butlins!

H's friends all thought he was mad when he joined STEPS as he had to turn down a job offer to sing on a cruise ship.

H is trained in circus skills and appeared in the circus stage show Barnum.

H was offered the lead roles in Joseph and Godspell on the Westend, but had to turn it down due to commitments with STEPS.

H has a long list of female celebs he fancies including Martine McCutcheon, Geri Halliwell, Andrea Corr, Denise Van Outen, Britney Spears and our very own Lisa Scott-Lee!

H used to be a professional swimmer for Wales!

H was dressed up as a pumpkin, complete with green tights for a halloween party at school!

H says at school discos he was always left out as no girls were interested in him - we can't believe that!

H used to practice his kissing technique on his fave teddy!

H was the first person to be picked to be in STEPS!