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H and Claire used to be members of the highly successful pop


group STEPS. STEPS formed in 1997 and had an amazing five years as the top pop group in the UK.
They had four top selling albums, five sold out tours and seventeen hit singles, including two No.1s! But on Boxing Day 2001 STEPS announced that they were no more.
H and Claire handed in their notices because of disagreements with their fellow band mates Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer and Lee Latchford-Evans. Claire says that they were forced to split because of disagreements about where the future of STEPS was heading. They'd enjoyed five years as the UKs top pop act, but Claire said that the other three members were not happy with STEPS style and felt embarrassed by the music that they had produced together.
Whatever the reason for the split it came as a huge shock to their legions of adoring fans and many were left heartbroken...until exactly a month to the day, the 26th January 2002 to be exact H and Claire appeared on music show CD:UK and announced that they would be carrying on as a duo!  H and Claire have vowed to carry on the STEPS spirit and H says there will be no dramatic image or sound change for the duo.
So that really brings us up to date, their first single is due to be released in April and pop fans everywhere are awaiting it with baited breath....