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Full Name: Claire Anne Richards.

Nicknames: Clarabelle, Claire Bear, Gadget Steps.

Image: The cute and cuddly one of the band.

Date And Place Of Birth: 17/8/77, Hillingdon.

Age: 24.

Starsign: Leo.

Colour Of Eyes: Green.

Colour Of Hair: Blonde.

Family: Mum - Nina, Dad and younger sister - Gemma.

Pets: Two kittens and a puppy called Benji which H bought for her 24th birthday.

Distinguishing Marks: I have a tattoo of a musical bar on my lower spine and a birthmark on my arm.

Previous Jobs: I've been a florist, a fruit basket maker, a receptionist and a shop assistant!

Fave STEPS Song: One For Sorrow and Summer Of Love.

Least Fave STEPS Lyric: "Damsel in distress" from Love's Got A Hold On My Heart.

First Poster: Rick Astley and Five Star.

Fave Movie: The Wizard Of Oz.

First Crush: I had a crush on my P.E teacher, but I'm not telling you his name!

Fave Catchphrase: I say fantastic quite a lot.

Fave Body Part: My Lips.

What Don't You Like About Men: They can be so arrogant.

Most Snogs In One Night: Oh dear probably three at the most, when I was at school.

Fave Sandwich Filling: Cheese and plain crisps.

Motto: Just live each day as it comes, don't live in the past and don't think too far into the future. You can waste away so much of your life like that.

What Would Change About Yourself: My wobbly bum, I'd like a nice toned bottom.

Most Treasured Possession: My new car, it's a silver Mercedes SLK.

Idea Of Happiness: Being successful, finding a nice man, getting married and never having any regrets.

What Would You Be Reincarnated As: It would have to be a dog, they just play around all day. They have too much to worry about.

Celeb Crush: Freddie Prinze Jnr and someone from a boyband, but I'm not telling you who because he was nasty about us in the press!

Fave Flower: White lillies.

Fave TV Show: CD:UK

Contents Of Bag: My purse, my filofax, a pen, a tube of carmex, cough sweets, my keys and half a packet of chewing gum.

Can't Live Without: My family because if it wasn't for my Mum I'd look like a tramp!

Biggest Secret: I don't have one. I've always been a good girl!

Weirdest Rumour About Yourself: That I was going out with Lee! That one did the rounds for quite a while!

Who Makes You Laugh The Most: Lisa and my sister Gemma