The Last Straw


How much can FAYE STEPS handle before things start being hurled? MARK BB MAK's prepared to find out!
(The Last Straw - Top Of The Pops - January 2002)

Mark: Your record company tells you that the band now has to travel everywhere by public transport because of major cutbacks. Got a problem with that?

Faye: Ha-ha! If that was the way it had to be, then that's the way it would be. We've put up with a lot worse. Getting on public transport wouldn't bother me at all - I'm not too proud. The only thing that makes me think twice now is safety.

Mark: You overhear someone saying that the only reason you made it into STEPS is because you are blonde. Do you put them straight?

Faye: I'd laugh in their face and say, 'So you think you;re clever do you? Well, you're that clever, you'd realise I'm not blonde anyway I dye it so ha ha!' I take things like that personally for about five seconds and then I get on with it. We all had to learn how to do that very quickly in this band.

Mark: Diana Ross and the Bee Gees write a letter to a newspaper which states how appalled they were by your cover of Chain Reaction - annoyed?

Faye: Ha ha! I'd write an open apology straightaway! That's a good one Mark! I understand how difficult it is, both for the people covering the song and the whoever's song it is. It wasn't our decision to cover Chain Reaction, and I'll be honest, I wasn't best pleased when we told we'd be doing it. I was distraught actually because I'm a massive fan of the original! I'm glad we did it though - I love it now and I think we pulled it off!

Mark: To promote STEPS Gold your management suggests you dig out all your old costumes and perform in them again. Would you go along with it?

Faye: Don't laugh, but they asked us to do that! It would never happen though - we'd sort out our clothes if we had to! Seriously though, we're not ashamed of what we wore, but we want to move forward not back.

Mark: Your hairdresser warns you 'One more blonde do and your hair will fall out!' Do you risk it?

Faye: Well, I've has something similar happen to me, so don't you take the mickey! I was told baldness wouldn't be far away if I kept on straightening my hair! If it happened to me now I think I would go dark on a push - yeah dark might be good actually.


Mark: At an awards bash you hear a group of celebs slagging STEPS off. What do you do?

Faye: I wouldn't rise to it. You knwo how it is - we've got our own friends and we do well with them. People have their opinions about stuff and that's fine. Let them talk.

Mark: In a record shop you spot staff putting Gold in the bargain bin. How do you react?

Faye: They wouldn't get away with that. The cheek! I'd go over and politely put them right, then have the albums moved to the shelves where they belong!

Mark: A trendy designer shop refuses to sell you their clothes because they don't want to be associated with STEPS. Do you take it on the chin or go nuts?

Faye: I'd slam the door in their faces and tell them to get a life! It's their loss not mine. I hate snooty shop people who look down their noses at you - they only work in a shop! They're no better than anyone else!